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What we do ...

In a world filled with an abundance of theories & advice, good judgement that's rooted in broad, practical experience is golden!  We're patient listeners and thoughtful synthesizers of your ideas.  

Executive Search and Recruitment, including the development of position descriptions and selection criteria, research, identification of candidates, recruitment, search committee support.  


Leadership Transition - Services which may include interim management and evaluation of leadership & staff structure.  The right plan, the right process, the right person. We're not just filling jobs; we're defining a future.  

Message Therapy - If you're an arts organization, you're trying to raise funds. Whether for annual operations or a capital campaign, fundraising is the lifeblood of every nonprofit arts group. Your message is the key to unlocking support - but does it?  Every brilliant vision need the right words.  We can help you find them.

Improvement of Operating Results - Objective, experienced eyes can often spot overlooked opportunities for a more effective allocation of resources and new sources of revenue.  Things change. If you've "always done it this way" you're probably doing it wrong! Even the most committed boards and skilled leaders can benefit from rigorous, facilitated self-evaluation. 

Facility Planning & Design Management - Needs assessment, business plans & budgets, utilization models, facility programming, site selection, RFP and project team selection, design team management, capital campaign support. From glimmer to grand opening, we've done it all.  

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