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Transitions ...

Leadership transition is a critical moment in the life of any cultural institution. Every change in leadership changes the arc of the organization's future. Every search is the shared future of the field in microcosm. My goal is to understand the moment, the opportunities, the challenges, and the identity of my client completely, and to help them find exactly the right person to complete the picture. 


I'm committed to facilitating great relationships, not just filling positions. Senior cultural leaders aren't merely skilled managers or the bearers of extensive resumes. Their character, passions, values, and style should thrive in harmony with the aspirations of the organizations they serve, each inspiring - and being inspired by - the other.  

Having led large cultural institutions for 25 years myself, I understand on a granular level what it takes. I know not just what a resume says but what it means.  I see the whole iceberg, not just the part glistening in the light above the surface. Ultimately, it's a little like marriage: more alchemy than science. And accordingly, my approach is more "matchmaker" than "headhunter."  


Recent Searches


Executive Director

Newman Center for the Performing Arts - University of Denver

Vice President for Programming and Education

Omaha Performing Arts 

Artistic Director

Denver Center Theatre Company

Artistic Director

Actors Theatre of Louisville - Humana Festival of New American Plays

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